VIDEO: Intern Hope Beel on the set of her first photo shoot.

Behind the scene photos are nice but videos are fun to watch. Enjoy watching Hope Beel on the set of her first photo shoot.

Wardrobe Styling: Hope Beel with La Belle Agency
Photographer: Shane Klein of
Make-up and Hair Artist: Rachelle Gleason with La Belle Agency
Model: Abbey George
La Belle Agency Assistant Interns: Aubrie Ellis, Chanel Johnson, and Kayla Tyzio
Clothing Provided By: SPC Couture

Here Comes Hope! My 2nd Photo Shoot

Second photo shoot is complete! My theme for the shoot was Spring Beauty 2012. By researching the beauty trends for 2012 I found out that bold lips and eyes were a huge inspiration on the runways. Knowing that it’s a beauty shoot and only being shot waist up, I had to figure out what clothing to incorporate that would pair well with the bold make up, be cohesive and tell a story.  This gave me the idea to use three different color bow ties on the male model and matching lips and eyes on the female model.  My colors were fuchsia pink, orchid purple, and teal blue.

There were so many participants in this shoot and I am forever grateful for all their hard work and passion to make this concept come to life. My biggest issue was coming up with a location.  One thing I have learned throughout this internship is to utilize all the resources you have and I did just that by using my boyfriend’s apartment. It had an empty space that was free for the day and it was big enough to set up and shoot it.  

The shoot lasted for about 7 hours. Some may think it’s a fun and exciting, but there is actually a lot of time invested into one photo shoot.  Not only, were there three wardrobe changes, but the make up artist and hair stylist have to change their looks as well.  Patience is key and you must always stay on task.

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for this experience and how much more knowledgeable I am; not only about the wardrobe styling process but how to come up with a photo shoot from the ground up.  Heading into the real world I have a better understanding of who I am as a wardrobe stylist and I now know what it takes to stand apart in the industry.  My biggest advice to future interns is to have an open mind about everything and to always stay driven.  It’s a very competitive industry and to get anywhere you have to NETWORK ,NETWORK, NETWORK, and to also contribute to others dreams and passions by participating in test shoots for they will help you in return!

Photographer: Evelyn Murphy
Make Up Artist: Ivory Narvell of La Belle Agency
Hair Stylist: LaTandra Britton of La Belle Agency
Models: Brook Kelton, Michael Fjordbak with Campbell Agency
Location: Allegro Addison
Behind the scene images. Final images coming soon.
Brook & Micheal posing in fuchsia & pink. 
Brook getting a teal blue eye makeover by Ivory Narvell.
Brook plays with her hair that was styled by LaTandra Britten
while Micheal is always looking for the camera.