Out of the Darkness...

It's no dark secret that Ivory Narvell is known for wearing many hats in the fashion industry. For her latest photo shoot she did the makeup, wardrobe styling and designed some of the pieces herself. When we asked her why does she wear so many hats, she replied, "I love hats. Even invisible work hats. I would have worn more invisible work hats but, Gerard's camera is bigger than mine, Shei looks better in the outfits and Kanda likes to do hair more than I do so, I had to share the hats." 

Take a look at her latest work from the series called, "Out of the Darkness Come the Light". Narvell believes that there is a light and an angel waiting at the end of every dark tunnel in life. She states, "Life is just crazy. Sometimes all you have is a dream. Hold on to it. Mine was fashion and doing this for a living. I'm so glad that Shei was able to portray a strong, beautiful and angelic force. Visually she is 'the dream' coming out of the darkness."

Wardrobe Stylist/Makeup Artist: Ivory Narvell for La Belle Agency
Photographer: Gerard Goh
Model: Shei Phan for Fenton Moon NYC
Hair: Kanda Patton for La Belle Agency
Photographer's Assistant: Nam Chau