VIDEO: Intern Hope Beel on the set of her first photo shoot.

Behind the scene photos are nice but videos are fun to watch. Enjoy watching Hope Beel on the set of her first photo shoot.

Wardrobe Styling: Hope Beel with La Belle Agency
Photographer: Shane Klein of
Make-up and Hair Artist: Rachelle Gleason with La Belle Agency
Model: Abbey George
La Belle Agency Assistant Interns: Aubrie Ellis, Chanel Johnson, and Kayla Tyzio
Clothing Provided By: SPC Couture

Here Comes Hope! My 2nd Photo Shoot

Second photo shoot is complete! My theme for the shoot was Spring Beauty 2012. By researching the beauty trends for 2012 I found out that bold lips and eyes were a huge inspiration on the runways. Knowing that it’s a beauty shoot and only being shot waist up, I had to figure out what clothing to incorporate that would pair well with the bold make up, be cohesive and tell a story.  This gave me the idea to use three different color bow ties on the male model and matching lips and eyes on the female model.  My colors were fuchsia pink, orchid purple, and teal blue.

There were so many participants in this shoot and I am forever grateful for all their hard work and passion to make this concept come to life. My biggest issue was coming up with a location.  One thing I have learned throughout this internship is to utilize all the resources you have and I did just that by using my boyfriend’s apartment. It had an empty space that was free for the day and it was big enough to set up and shoot it.  

The shoot lasted for about 7 hours. Some may think it’s a fun and exciting, but there is actually a lot of time invested into one photo shoot.  Not only, were there three wardrobe changes, but the make up artist and hair stylist have to change their looks as well.  Patience is key and you must always stay on task.

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for this experience and how much more knowledgeable I am; not only about the wardrobe styling process but how to come up with a photo shoot from the ground up.  Heading into the real world I have a better understanding of who I am as a wardrobe stylist and I now know what it takes to stand apart in the industry.  My biggest advice to future interns is to have an open mind about everything and to always stay driven.  It’s a very competitive industry and to get anywhere you have to NETWORK ,NETWORK, NETWORK, and to also contribute to others dreams and passions by participating in test shoots for they will help you in return!

Photographer: Evelyn Murphy
Make Up Artist: Ivory Narvell of La Belle Agency
Hair Stylist: LaTandra Britton of La Belle Agency
Models: Brook Kelton, Michael Fjordbak with Campbell Agency
Location: Allegro Addison
Behind the scene images. Final images coming soon.
Brook & Micheal posing in fuchsia & pink. 
Brook getting a teal blue eye makeover by Ivory Narvell.
Brook plays with her hair that was styled by LaTandra Britten
while Micheal is always looking for the camera.

Here Comes Hope! Done.

Here are the images from my first shoot. Again thanks to photographer Shane Klien, model Abbey George, hair/makeup artist Rachelle Gleason and Narvell's Interns/my amazing assistants: Kalya Tyzio, Aubrie Ellis, and Chanel Johnson. All the wardrobe was designed by Sandra Patricia of SPC Couture.

Makeup for TCU Cheer Team!

La Belle Agency was honored to sponsor the TCU Cheer Team as they performed at the Cowboy's Stadium against BYU in October 2011. TCU's Cheer Team advised us about their "Frogs for the Cure" program which is an ongoing effort to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Fort Worth and to create awareness for the fight against breast cancer. With such a great cause and an outstanding cheer team, we were proud to sponsor such a great group of ladies.

A special thanks to:
The Art of Hair Salon

Wardrobe Stylist Brittany Washington

Meet wardrobe stylist Brittany Washington. With only five years in the fashion industry, Brittany has turned her love for fashion into an amazing styling carreer. She has used her creativity and allowed her work experiences to break her own personal mold which has unleased her fashion potential.

While keeping her eyes and ears glued to the fashion's streets, Brittany's loves for clothing is growing with each piece she finds that no fashionista should live without. Brittany has styled looks from street wear for music performers to glamours formals for designer companies. With her beliefs that shoes are the deciding factor to any outfit, Brittany can style any look with an effortless demeanor.

Saxon a.k.a. "The Beautiful One"

Recently we introduced you to our New Face of La Belle Agency, Miss Saxon Wilson. She has been voted as "The Beautiful One" by our staff and stylists. Take a look at Saxon as she poses for photographer Evelyn Murphy wearing earrings made by wardrobe stylist Ivory Narvell especially for this shoot.

Photographer Evelyn Murphy
Makeup & Hair: Ivory Narvell for La Belle Agency
Custom Made Earrings: Ivory Narvell

Here Comes Hope! My 1st Photo Shoot... Check!

Intern Hope Beel on location.
First photo shoot as a Creative Art Director/Wardrobe Stylist is complete! I’m very excited to start my portfolio with the amazing shots from the shoot. Without the hard work of all the participants I wouldn’t have been able to do it. The biggest surprise was not realizing how much help I actually needed. Thank goodness for Ms. Narvell’s interns for the day: Aubrie Ellis, Chanel Johnson, and Kayla Tyzio for all their help. Also, thanks to the amazing talents of photographer Shane Klien and make up artist/hair stylist Rachelle Gleason for La Belle Agency.

What I learned from this experience is that time management is everything. Even if you have a schedule outlined hour by hour, you have to keep on track or else you’ll fall behind really fast; especially on shoots where sunlight was needed. It’s also great to always have a back up plan. Even though something seems so perfect and you can never imagine it going wrong, it very well could. This was definitely a learning experience and I had so much fun doing it!

We love the shoes!

Rachelle Gleason for La Belle Agency applying makeup to Abbey George. 

Behind the scenes action shot.

Photographer Shane Klien and his lovely girlfriend/assistant.
Narvell's Interns/my amazing assistants:
Kalya Tyzio, Aubrie Ellis, and Chanel Johnson

A Beautiful Halloween with Saxon a.k.a. "The Beautiful One"

Happy Halloween!

Let us introduce you to Miss Saxon Wilson, our new face of La Belle Agency. "La Belle" translated from French to English means, "The Beautiful One" and we found her. Follow us to see how Saxon's beauty portfolio will transform from pretty to great.

Now for your Halloween pleasure enjoy our take on A Beautiful Halloween with Saxon. Photographed by Evelyn Murphy and wardrobe styling/makeup by Ivory Narvell with La Belle Agency.

Now Accepting Resumes for Spring Interns

Location: Denton, Texas

La Belle Agency is looking for sharp, creative and enthusiastic individuals with a strong desire to learn about the beauty and fashion industry from an agency prospective. Candidates must be highly organized, proactive and detail-oriented with the ability to multi-task. Excellent writing, proofreading and interpersonal skills are necessary. Interns passionate about the industry will be able to thrive in a fast-paced and collaborative environment.

Primary responsibilities include but not limited to:
  • Assisting with artist management and development including data entry, scheduling and image maintenance.
  • Assisting with marketing, advertising, web marketing and public relations.
  • Providing administrative support for Marketing/Booking/Scouting Departments.
Secondary responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Assisting with in-house photo shoots
  • Assisting with client photo shoots, video productions, television projects, promotional events and local events
  • Direct marking and presentation with local vendors
An opportunity to grow with the company can be offered to the right individual if a position should become available. Candidates must be able to dedicate 15-20 hours during the week and with advance notice given, available for photo shoots on weekends.

Internships are for college credit only. If interested in La Belle Agency's internship program, email a cover letter with your resume to, Attention: 2012 Spring Internship Program.

No Calls Please.

Texas Top Gun Photography Challenge

Newly signed hair stylist LaTandra Britten and makeup artist Ivory Narvell attended the Texas Top Gun Photography Challenge to provide their services for 10 professional models. Each model was photographed by competing photographers who only had 15 minutes to shoot each of them. This high paced race with skilled photographers made for some awesome images.

Photograher: Jim Bauer
Makeup Artist: Ivory Narvell with La Belle Agency
Hair Stylist: LaTandra Britten with La Belle Agency
Model: Jacky Romero with Clutts Agency

Photographer: Shawn Jantzen
Makeup Artist: Ivory Narvell wth La Belle Agency
Hair Stylist: LaTandra Britten with La Belle Agency
Model: Ariana Lamour with Clutts Agency

Photographer: Shawn Jantzen
Makeup Artist: Ivory Narvell with La Belle Agency
Model: Kristie Rae Stout with Clutts Agency
Hair Stylist: Mickey Gunn

More to come.

Here Comes Hope: My First Photo Shoot

“Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong."

-Ella Fitzgerald

The time has come for my first photo shoot and the excitement is unbearable! I can tell you that it has not been easy but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have a great line to work with called, SPC Couture; it is a very edgy line with structured pieces. Although, everything is mostly in order, I still have to finalize the rest of my accessories for the shoot. The most difficult part was finding a location; it is hard when you have an exact image in your mind and you can’t find it. But on a positive note: It is nice to know that there are other artist out there that are willing to sacrifice their time for you and your dreams. So far, on this journey I have learned so much and am forever grateful for the knowledge that I will carry on with my after my internship!

Yours truly,
Hope Beel

Lash Drive: In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, La Belle Agency is hosting a Lash Drive. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research and finding a cure. Call 214-702-9522 to schedule your appointment.

Tuesday Tips @ 10am: Your Breast

Today tip is a tip of encouragement. We want to encourage every woman to get a mammogram. Yes, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month but, it doesn't mean anything if you don't get a mammogram or an annual check up to make sure you're well. We all know that the best way to fight breast cancer is to detect it early so, for the month of October our Tuesday Tips @ 10am will link you to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® website for tips and facts about breast cancer.

Meet Sydney Cother Waits!

La Belle Agency would like to introduce you to one of our amazing and talented makeup artists: Sydney Cother Waits. Sydney specialize in traditional application as well as airbrush makeup. If you have always wanted flawless make-up with professional results then Sydney is the makeup artist for you. Whether you would like exquisite make up done on your wedding day, a photo shoot, or just a date night, contact La Belle Agency today to book Sydney and receive astonishing results!

To review her portfolio go to

Tuesday Tips @ 10am: Lips All Day

Though every bride would like to keep her makeup artists for the entire day of her wedding to touch up her makeup up and reapply the perfect lip color to her lips, not every bride can afford the luxury of doing so. However, brides can afford to purchase an extra tube of lipstick or lip gloss for their wedding day. Make some time a few days before your wedding, preferably with your Maid of Honor, to shop for the perfect lipsticks or lip gloss. Have your lip color ready for your makeup artist and then hand it to your Maid of Honor to hold for reapplying when needed.

Here Comes Hope!

Hello all!

My name is Hope Beel and I’m currently a senior at The University of North Texas, pursuing my degree in Fashion Merchandising and I have currently joined forces with The La Belle Agency to get an up close and personal feel of the Fashion and Beauty industry. A little bit about myself: I have a great passion for fashion, I believe fashion is a great way to showcase who you are and allows individuality. I’m very active as well, I love wake boarding, mountain biking, running, and yoga. I once modeled, so i have some knowledge on what happens behind the scenes and although I love being in front of the camera, my passion is creating the concept of the look. I cannot tell you how excited I was to begin my journey with La Belle Agency, and now that I have begun it has only increased my excitement! I have already completed my first task of styling an outfit for a photo shoot and felt the pressure to find an outfit fast, it really is exhilarating when you know that after all the anticipation it is definitely worth it. During my internship I am determined to broaden my knowledge on becoming a great wardrobe stylist and creative director. Throughout this process I will be updating the blog with great tips from fashion to beauty and also giving you a first hand look at the behind the scenes of all the great photo shoots that we have planned. Stay tuned for some exciting news and details of our upcoming projects.

Bootcamp for Serious Makeup Professionals

Register Now. Seating is Limited.

Class is not required for representation by La Belle Agency.

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Tuesday Tips @ 10am: 3 Reasons for Brides to Drink Water

Everyone knows that water is essential to good health. However, there are at least three good reasons why brides should drink water.
1) Water helps to reduce the "look" of stress that planning a wedding may cause to your face. Makeup can cover marks but it's hard to cover dry dull texture.
2) "You may now kiss the bride" statement my be scary if your lips are dry and cracked. Drinking water weeks before your wedding to keep you hydrated will pay off at the end with a softer kiss.
3) The lovely photo of your rings will look much better if your dry flaky cuticles are not taking over. Most brides will have their nails done a day or two before the wedding but, drinking water weeks before will insure a softer looking hand that may not have to be photoshopped extensively.

From the eyes of the Intern: Final Posting!

Hello All!

On my final days of my internship at La Belle Agency and as I sit here and look through all of my notes that I've taken over the summer, I have to summarize everything into a few paragraphs. Otherwise this would be a chapter book! I think back to my first day when I walked into the office, knowing that I wanted to be a wardrobe stylist. I had no idea exactlly what that meant or how I was going to make this dream come true, but I knew that I was going to accomplish my dream one day.
First day of the internship

I have always heard that internships are to gain "experience" and learn about the industry before getting a career in that field. I could not have asked for a more hands on and actual learning experience than my internship at La Belle Agency. Each day I was assigned a task that I had never done before to learn all of the different areas of the fashioin industry and not just the wardrobe styling side. Whether this was calling photographers for photo shoots, pulling clothes from stores, location scouting, responding to models, video editing and many other tasks. There was a lot more to being a wardrobe stylist than just putting cute clothes together to make an outfit.

Photo shoot on a yacht
We have all heard the saying, "you learn something new everyday." This was deffinetly the case during my internship and my note book is evidence of this! As I was assigned tasks and duties through out the summer I was able to gain more experience and confidence about the fashion industry. Not only did I learn about fashion merchandising but I studied business, PR, event planning, and social media within a few months.

On set with couture designer gowns

I was very fortunate to have been offered this internship position and to be able to learn all about the industry from someone with a very high level of experience. This internship was so much better than sitting in a classroom and reading a textbook and I had gained more knowledge than I ever would at school. Who knew that wardrobe stylists would need to get tools and supplies to fit the clothes at a Home Depot on the way to a photo shoot?

My first self produced photo shoot

As I gather my notes and take home my coffee machine from the office, I am honored to leave La Belle Agency as a more experienced and knowledgable stylist. My notes and high quality pictures from "my first photo shoot" for my portfolio are just a small piece of what I can take away from this experience. I have the proper knowledge and experience for the "real world" that I am going to use for the rest of my life.

Stay Beautiful!

From the eyes of the intern: Kayla Tyzio