Entourage = Perfect Bridal Photos

Narvell working on makeup while
Day Ranee' add curls to Jenn's hair.
Every bride who takes their bridal portraits wants to look stunning. Your bridal portraits allow you to show the world how striking you are in your gown(s). Yes, for your bridal portraits La Belle Agency can make it possible for you to have multiple gowns. Your portraits should also show your since of style: sophisticated, chic, county, retro, bubbly, or whatever. But, wait! You must have your own entourage to style you just right.

Many brides who contact La Belle Agency have seen us on television and know we can provide you with an awesome team who can make you look flawless from makeup, hair, and wardrobe.Take a look at the work from our makeup artist Narvell and our newest hair stylist Day Ranee' as they work with photographer Iris Swope and Jenn Vh in three beautiful gowns provided by designer Oscar Fierro.