Here Comes Hope! My 1st Photo Shoot... Check!

Intern Hope Beel on location.
First photo shoot as a Creative Art Director/Wardrobe Stylist is complete! I’m very excited to start my portfolio with the amazing shots from the shoot. Without the hard work of all the participants I wouldn’t have been able to do it. The biggest surprise was not realizing how much help I actually needed. Thank goodness for Ms. Narvell’s interns for the day: Aubrie Ellis, Chanel Johnson, and Kayla Tyzio for all their help. Also, thanks to the amazing talents of photographer Shane Klien and make up artist/hair stylist Rachelle Gleason for La Belle Agency.

What I learned from this experience is that time management is everything. Even if you have a schedule outlined hour by hour, you have to keep on track or else you’ll fall behind really fast; especially on shoots where sunlight was needed. It’s also great to always have a back up plan. Even though something seems so perfect and you can never imagine it going wrong, it very well could. This was definitely a learning experience and I had so much fun doing it!

We love the shoes!

Rachelle Gleason for La Belle Agency applying makeup to Abbey George. 

Behind the scenes action shot.

Photographer Shane Klien and his lovely girlfriend/assistant.
Narvell's Interns/my amazing assistants:
Kalya Tyzio, Aubrie Ellis, and Chanel Johnson