IMAN Cosmetics in Dallas

La Belle Agency is proud to announce its successful work for IMAN Cosmetics this past weekend at four Walmart destinations in the Dallas area. Our talented makeup artists and professional team worked as ambassadors of -top model- IMAN Cosmetics line. 

IMAN products are inspired by women from all over the world with different skin shades who are hungry to be even more beautiful. La Belle Agency’s artists are recognized for their knowledge on different skin colors and types as well as different cultural features. We are always excited to participate on projects like this!

Narvell is applying IMAN's Nutmeg eye shadow after evening out her skin tone with
IMAN's Second to None Cream to Powder foundation.
She never wears makeup but she loves her flawless skin with IMAN's New BB Crème 
and an ombré lip using IMAN's Lip Shimmers Velvet and Brownie.

Pierrereyon give this lady a mini makeover with IMAN's Skin Tone Evener BB Crème.
Michaela shows off the IMAN Cosmetics.