From the Eyes of the Intern: Planning My First Photo Shoot

Hello Again!
I have not posted in a while, as I have been very busy planning a big project. I received the news that I would be planning and styling my first photo shoot the first day of my internship. I was beyond excited since styling the wardrobe for a photo shoot is exactly what I want to do as my career. As time got closer I kept thinking of ideas for the shoot. I would decide on a theme one day and wake up the next morning with a totally different idea in my head. I would drive by a new location, see a new dress in the store window, or even watch a movie... all of which inspired me to create a new theme. Finally, I decided on a theme and created my concept board which included all the inspiring pictures and ideas I wanted to create for the photo shoot. This included ideas of how I wanted hair, make-up, wardrobe, accessories and location. From there, I was to find the photographer, model and hair/make-up artist that was going to help me bring my shoot to life.
That was the easy part...after browsing half a dozen antique stores and boutiques, I was still looking for the "perfect" items to use in the shoot. I kept looking and eventually found exactly what I was looking for. Now, where is this shoot going to take place? It was after an hour of driving around location scouting that I realized that the location picture I had selected was not going to just appear right in front of my eyes. At the beginning of this project I had no idea how much effort, time and organizing went into planning a photo shoot. With everyone's busy schedules it became stressful organizing a meeting date and time that would work for everyone involved in the shoot. It is not as easy as it looks people!

With only a few days leading up to the photo shoot I am pleased to say that I sent out the final details to everyone involved and picked up the perfect clothes and accessories from Francesca's Collections in Highland Village. With all of the clothes steamed and jewelry layed out we are patiently waiting (and relaxing) until Sunday, when the shoot will take place. Be sure to stay tuned until next week to see the final pictures!

Speak Soon,

Special Thanks to
Francesca's Collections in Highland Village, TX
1400 Shoal Creek #170
Highland Village TX 75077
(972) 966-0400