Here Comes Hope!

Hello all!

My name is Hope Beel and I’m currently a senior at The University of North Texas, pursuing my degree in Fashion Merchandising and I have currently joined forces with The La Belle Agency to get an up close and personal feel of the Fashion and Beauty industry. A little bit about myself: I have a great passion for fashion, I believe fashion is a great way to showcase who you are and allows individuality. I’m very active as well, I love wake boarding, mountain biking, running, and yoga. I once modeled, so i have some knowledge on what happens behind the scenes and although I love being in front of the camera, my passion is creating the concept of the look. I cannot tell you how excited I was to begin my journey with La Belle Agency, and now that I have begun it has only increased my excitement! I have already completed my first task of styling an outfit for a photo shoot and felt the pressure to find an outfit fast, it really is exhilarating when you know that after all the anticipation it is definitely worth it. During my internship I am determined to broaden my knowledge on becoming a great wardrobe stylist and creative director. Throughout this process I will be updating the blog with great tips from fashion to beauty and also giving you a first hand look at the behind the scenes of all the great photo shoots that we have planned. Stay tuned for some exciting news and details of our upcoming projects.