Tuesday Tips @ 10am: 3 Reasons for Brides to Drink Water

Everyone knows that water is essential to good health. However, there are at least three good reasons why brides should drink water.
1) Water helps to reduce the "look" of stress that planning a wedding may cause to your face. Makeup can cover marks but it's hard to cover dry dull texture.
2) "You may now kiss the bride" statement my be scary if your lips are dry and cracked. Drinking water weeks before your wedding to keep you hydrated will pay off at the end with a softer kiss.
3) The lovely photo of your rings will look much better if your dry flaky cuticles are not taking over. Most brides will have their nails done a day or two before the wedding but, drinking water weeks before will insure a softer looking hand that may not have to be photoshopped extensively.